Movie night!

So, as none of you are aware me and my Erin have been thinking about, I kid you not, “Tiny House” living. Before I’m willing to commit to that, however, we have to work on ways to make that work within a set space. So, we’ve got a section of our house cordoned off. The idea is that if we can consolidate our living space, we can learn whether or not we’d survive well enough in a “tiny house.” Notice I keep using quotes for that? When I was a kid we called them CAMPERS! Well, some were RV’s and some were converted buses, but even a fifth wheel was really just a big camper.
What does any of this have to do with movie night? Well, the video card in my computer is pretty sexy and just happens to have an HDMI output slot. What a coincidence, my high def TV happens to have an HDMI input slot! So I installed some software so I can play DVDs on my computer, which is currently connected to my TV via HDMI cable. Add in a wireless mouse and keyboard (not to mention a fairly mobile sensor for both of them) and I can either play on my computer, work on it, or watch movies all on the big screen TV.
I know I said movie night, but we decided to actually do movie day… We got up fairly early this morning and decided to essentially marathon Harry Potter 1-8. The first time we tried this was an epic FAIL, considering I didn’t actually have a DVD reader that could read blue ray movies… so we used my sister’s PS3 for Middle Earth day… You know, Hobbit 1-3 then the Lord of the Rings 1-3. I’ve finally got a blue ray reader in my computer now, that or the software just wasn’t up to snuff… Whatever the case, it worked! Harry Potter day worked! I might start doing this every Halloween. Magic and witches and wizards are a great idea for that holiday. It’s better than naughty neighbors pretending to be ghosts and knocking over the outhouse, hey? Happy Holiday, everyone, whether to you it be Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or even Samhain, I hope yours is a decent one.