About Eandyil

I’ve had a surprising number of people ask me two things about my moniker. First, how do you pronounce that? Second, why use that name anyway? As for the first, it’s pronounced EEE – ANDY – ILL. I picked up this name around the end of high school. I used to be a member of the society, and it is what a much younger me thought would be a most excellent Elven name. Of course, I don’t recall seeing any elves in the society. Parents in the world today being what they are, I decided that my quirky noble father was eccentric and named me Eandyil as a form of insult. It’s rather unique in that nobody else had it. Seriously, look around. Eandyil Nathar is the full name, even the EVE name was from me. I used it in Everquest, World of Warcraft, EQ2, and far too many MMOs. So what else is there to know? My fiancè is the world most adorkable nerd on the planet. I’m a technical kind of guy, though any “art” I’ve done since high school has had a series of rulers. I’ll talk about software, hardware, games, even word-working. I’ve had quite a number of interests over the years; now is an excellent time to talk about them! Keep your eyes on my future post, I might just surprise you.


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